AZMN MCP Chapter Meeting

AZMN MCP Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020



  • Professional Development
    • Provide 1 hour Volunteer 
    • Provide 1 hour AT credit
  • Volunteer hours earned by contributions to Chapter Meetings 
  • Chapter News and Progress


  1. Welcome!
  2. Guest Speaker: Jeff Babson “Sky Islands”
  3. Book Review: Emily Williams “In Your Spare Time”
  4. Community Science Report: Kathy Balman and Rick Sampson “Ecological Society of America–Biodiversity Challenge”
  5. Chapter Business
    1. What is your passion?  Share with us!
    2. Committee Reports
      1. Communications
        1. T-shirt Poll
        2. Newsletter Name Reveal
        3. Website
      2. Recruitment and Outreach
        1. Recruitment for Cohort 3 open Sept 1st!
      3. Curriculum Committee
        1. Meeting regularly on Mondays for the next few weeks
      4. Volunteer Committee
      5. AT Committee
        1. Seeking another AT Committee member
      6. Treasurer
      7. Coordinating Committee
        1. Relationship with MCP
  6. Closing Remarks
    1. Next meeting–Wednesday, September 23rd, 6PM-8PM

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