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How do I become an Arizona Master Naturalist?

Members must complete 60 hours of coursework and fieldwork. The coursework focuses on building background knowledge, effective interpretation, and leadership skills. Background knowledge topics include the natural history, ecosystems, flora, fauna, and cultural history of Arizona. Another portion of the training consists of learning to effectively communicate with many types of audiences and stakeholders Master Naturalist Volunteers encounter in the field.  The course also is heavily focused on leadership and equity and inclusion in the outdoors. Due to Arizona’s diversity regional content differs but the amount of hours required for certification does not. 

After completing your initial 60 hours of coursework, you are a Arizona Master Naturalist Intern! To become a fully-certified Arizona Master Naturalist, you must also complete 20 hours of Advanced Training and 60 hours of volunteer work within your first year.

How do I remain an Arizona Naturalist in Good Standing?

To remain in good standing as an Arizona Master Naturalist, participants must complete 60 volunteer hours and 20 hours of Advanced Training (5 hours skill-based) annually.

How do I apply for the program?

The application window for Cohort 4 (Winter/Spring 2022) will open in Autumn 2021. You can add yourself to our interest list if you’d like to be alerted when the new application is open! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at