Our Projects

Certified Arizona Master Naturalists contribute to the community through volunteer efforts in three areas: education, stewardship, and community science. Learn more about past and ongoing projects in each of these areas below!

A woman shows a rock to a group of children sitting in a circle.
A group of preschoolers examine a piece of granite. Photo courtesy of Jeni Ussery


MCPMNs are involved in environmental education projects aimed at participants and learners of all ages. Learn more about the educational programs we develop, produce, and volunteer for here!

A Desert Iguana suns itself. Photo courtesy of Jessica Bell


Environmental Stewardship is an important part of our work as Master Naturalists. Many of our MNs volunteer for stewardship programs. You can learn more about these projects here!

Members of Cohort 1 use a clinometer to estimate the height of a tree. Photo courtesy of Jessica Bell

Community Science

Community Science, also sometimes called civic science, crowd-sourced science, or citizen science, is one of the three pillars of the Master Naturalist program. Learn more about CS projects our chapter helps to support!