Save the Date!

Our next chapter meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 23rd from 6PM to 8PM. We’re pleased to announce that we’ll have Dr. Ken Sweat from ASU speaking from 6PM-7PM about Cacti in Arizona. Please join us for an evening of fellowship and learning!

MCPMN Cohort 3 Application is Now Available!

We’re very pleased to announce that the application materials for Cohort 3 are now available! You can read more about how to become an Arizona Master Naturalist and our training program here. We hope to see your application soon and invite you to share this opportunity widely with anyone who might be interested!

Cohort 3–Join Us!

AZMN MCP Chapter Meeting

AZMN MCP Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020



  • Professional Development
    • Provide 1 hour Volunteer 
    • Provide 1 hour AT credit
  • Volunteer hours earned by contributions to Chapter Meetings 
  • Chapter News and Progress


  1. Welcome!
  2. Guest Speaker: Jeff Babson “Sky Islands”
  3. Book Review: Emily Williams “In Your Spare Time”
  4. Community Science Report: Kathy Balman and Rick Sampson “Ecological Society of America–Biodiversity Challenge”
  5. Chapter Business
    1. What is your passion?  Share with us!
    2. Committee Reports
      1. Communications
        1. T-shirt Poll
        2. Newsletter Name Reveal
        3. Website
      2. Recruitment and Outreach
        1. Recruitment for Cohort 3 open Sept 1st!
      3. Curriculum Committee
        1. Meeting regularly on Mondays for the next few weeks
      4. Volunteer Committee
      5. AT Committee
        1. Seeking another AT Committee member
      6. Treasurer
      7. Coordinating Committee
        1. Relationship with MCP
  6. Closing Remarks
    1. Next meeting–Wednesday, September 23rd, 6PM-8PM

Arizona Backyard Naturalist YouTube Channel

The video introduction for an episode of Arizona Backyard Naturalist.

The Arizona Backyard Naturalist project grew out of the final project of Jeni Ussery, a member of cohort two.  The timing for the final project coincided with the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, and Jeni thought it might be nice for folks who were spending more time at home to be able to learn more about the plants, animals, and other natural systems at play in their backyards and neighborhoods.  As Jeni shared out the first videos, another cohort member expressed interest in creating a video, and suggested opening it up to other Master Naturalists as well!

Arizona Backyard Naturalist videos are posted once a week, typically on Sundays, and provide information on identifying elements of the Sonoran desert that appear in our backyards and communities. The project is ongoing, and all videos can be viewed at the Arizona Backyard Naturalist YouTube Channel.

New Chapter Sponsor!

We are thrilled to announce that our chapter is being sponsored by Maricopa County Parks and Recreation! We look forward to a fruitful partnership as we enter our third year as a chapter, and are incredibly appreciative of the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation’s support for our chapter and our mission.